Along, Below
(Chicago: Herkimer, 1999)
10" LP

(Chicago: Herkimer, 1999)
paperback, 70 pages

buena nada   
(Guatemala: Merve, 2023)
paperback, 112 pages
[screen copy]

Cloud, the, 3
(Zürich: Christoph Keller Editions/JRP Ringier, 2007)
hardcover, 304 pages

Edge Habitat Materials
(Chicago: Whitewalls, 2014)
hardcover, 152 pages

Escritura-a-través (Writings-through)
(Mexico City: Merve, 2018)
paperback, 278 pages

Field Geometry
(Chicago: Explain, 2000)

(Berlin: argobooks, 2013)
hardcover, 320 pages

good nothing
(Leipzig: Merve, 2021)
paperback, 120 pages

im Grunewald
(Berlin: DAAD, 2006)
hardcover, 64 pages

Kwangsi-Quail with Fred Frith
(Lisbon: Shhpuma, 2015)
12" LP

Maps of parallels 41 and 49 N, at a scale of one second to one degree *
with Ernst Karel
(Lisbon: Shhpuma, 2015)

Names & Poems
(Chicago: Whitewalls, 1999)
hardcover, 215 pages

color book for screen

(Chicago: The Renaissance Society, 2002)
3 slim softcover volumes in slipcase

(Chicago: Herkimer, 1996)
10" LP


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